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Unexplored Lika – enjoy in nature

The Lika-Senj County is located in the coastal-gorge of Croatia. Wonderful nature, customs, gastronomy are just some of the reasons why you should visit this area.
Every year I try to travel somewhere, and mostly it is a journey out of Croatia but this time I decided to stay in Croatia and explore. My great wish was to visit the area Lika.
It did not take long for me to decide for this destination since I got a lot of recommendations for that part. I went to research and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the offer. From biking, hunting, and fishing to trekking and hiking activities. As I planned my trip with three more friends, we shared our commitment to the organization of our journey.
The first part that we needed was to look for agencies that offer active vacations. We chose Lika, more precisely the small town of Perusic and our adventure started. We only had one thing – our own car, the rest was unknown. We contacted the agency and asked to send us offers regarding the activities and the type of accommodation they offered. Our wish was to experience the magic of Lika, the charm of domestic family estates. In the end, the decision was made, we chose activities, booked accommodation, and set off on the way. I was so excited 
When we came to Perušić, we immediately went to the accommodation. It was a little sweet family estate in Perušić that offered us more than we wanted. Hospitality, homeland, their locally grown food, everything was more than expected. Perušić village is located in the southeast part of Lika, at an altitude of 575 to 600, in the area of the valley – field. Ideal for vacation. Given that we come to Perusic very early our host Željko welcomed us with a meal, we ate, sat briefly and listen to the great stories about the region. Soon, we went towards Cave Park Grabovača, where we met Mario, the guide. We first sat on a beautiful terrace with a view of Perušić place, Velebit and the River Lika canyon. Trust me when I say that the view will deepen your memory and awaken the admiration. Mario told us the details of the tour, what is allowed, and what is not allowed in order to respect the laws of nature before starting our adventure.
The cave Samograd is the only tourist cave in the Park area and its entrance is allowed only with the guidance of the park. It is located on 800m away on a moderately steep hill, partly by facilitated wooden-stone staircases. The cave is located in the sinkhole with concrete girder stairs, while in the cave itself there are stone hand-carved stairs older than 100 years and wooden handrails. We got a recommendation to bring warmer clothing – and a good choice to bring a sweater for example. Inside temperature is 8 ° C.
It was an incredible feeling, to be beneath the ground, to see how nature transforms itself. The interesting part of the tour is that Mario told us they even held few concerts within the cave. The cave was divided into rooms, and acoustics were ideal for music. I started to think, what can I organize in the cave? After 2.5 hours of sightseeing, there was a walk along the pedestrian paths. The trail is about the natural and cultural and historical features of the area. Walking along we passed two caves, Velika Kozarica and Tabakuša and one cave of Slipicete, and learned a bit more about the cattle farming practices in the past as parts of the trail are part of old cattle trails. We crossed the paths of the old lizard scouts, met their everyday life, and for a moment felt the spirit of the past times when they lived from the woods and treasures, and when life was simple, peaceful and in harmony with nature.
I was impressed by the natural beauty and the preservation, but also the way how Cave Park cares about everything. Otherwise, I’m not an adventurer type of person and my previous holidays were based on the sun and the sea, but from the time I visit Perušić and Lika and just to feel its air again. Definitely recommend, even for a half day adventure.
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