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Our Zrmanja Experience

Few months ago I’ve booked my first River rafting Weekend in Croatia, and I don’t regret any moment of it. The most surprising of all was the simply booking.

For few years now I live in Germany, and I’m meeting my College friends once a year in Croatia, my Homeland. This time it was my turn to choose where are we going and what are we doing for this special weekend. I was looking for an interesting point in Croatia that was new for all four of us and I wanted us to do something special this time, but without putting extra offer, and I had to do all of that real fast, because I always do everything in the last minute  Suddenlly, I’ve noticed a small agency who promised to do all that for me, to make a perfect package of hedonism and adventure, I just had to “be there and look nice”

Quick look at what they offer, I couldn’t decide, so I wrote them that I need their help to create the special weekend for me and my friends and explained them what I needed- a nice place to sleep, great food and something to see. It didn’t last long till I received a great offer to spend the weekend on a river Zrmanja, which was great because my parents live just an hour away from the river, and my friends didn’t had to take a long ride from home.

The nice lady from the agency did all the job for me, she booked our Accommodation and our rafting tour and gave me few tips on what was going on nearby and what we had to see. She even camed to an idea to send an Invitation letter to my friends, with directions to our meeting point and short list of things they need for the weekend (2 pairs of shoes, bikini, suncream, camera and good will) everything else was supposed to be a surprise for them.
So we all went on a journey and few hours later, we met at the meet point given from an Agency, on an early Friday morning. Meet point was also our place to sleep, which I find great, because we could leave our package immediately and enjoy our time together. It was also just few minutes drive from the first town, where we could buy anything we may forgot

The place looked lovely, it was a renovated sweet old house with a large garden, where they also grow vegetables. Our host was a lovely middle- aged gentleman, who immediately offered us to have lunch with them, and we choosed to stay there the first day. His wife was making a vegetable soup and whole chicken “under peka” with potatoes. I also had an honor to pick our salat from the garden! After lunch and small talk,they recommended us a local bar few minutes from the house, where we had coffe and cake. We also met few locals, and our skipper for the next day on Zrmanja also happened to be there, that was his favorite bar. So we stayed in town for a dinner and had some funny time with Peter, our tour-guide.

On early Saturday morning , delicious breakfast prepared by our host, was waiting for us in the Kitchen. Various local specialties, like cheese products, homemade rosehip marmalade and warm homemade bread gave us strength for an active day. After coffee with our lovely host family, we went with our car to meet our handsome skipper again.

We met Petar by the old Mill , which was also a Rafting start point. The place was beautifull. He gave us an equippement and explained us how to use each part of it, we also got a small water-resistant bag to put our things inside. As we were four, Peter divided us in two groups and we used smaller kanus, as he explained. Offcourse we made a competition of it,and the last team had to pay drinks for all of us. After two hours of breathtaking nature, adrenaline and fun, we took a short break by the large waterfall Visoki Buk to swim in unbelievable clear water. Peter also showed us how to go under and behind the waterfall…with a handsome local guy like Peter was that a real movie experience.

After the swimming break, we took our kanus and continued along the river to a place called Muskovci. Another part of our rafting tour was a little bit faster, and more exciting than the first part, but it was funny. At the exact moment we felt hunger, our tour was at his end, near the local Restaurant -perfect again! It looked like they were expecting us-there was a table for us, and the waitress offered us a Croatian refreshing drink Cedevita, which was just what we needed. We had great lunch, fresh river trout with baked potatoes and wild spinach and tried great local wine. After lunch, Peter took us back to start point with his own car. As we came back to our host family, we changed our clothes and went to visit the Fischer’s night-local fest that took place just few minutes walk from the house where we slept. On Sunday morning, another lovely breakfast was waiting on the kitchen table. After coffe, we said goodbye to our hosts and went home.

We were all very happy we took this trip, it was really the perfect combination of fun, adventure and free time. My friends were so overjoyed that we agreed –I’m allowed to book out next year’s “Friends weekend” I’m already looking forward to contact the lovely lady again!!


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